03 / Nov
Beyma presents three woofers with very competitive features and high performance designed with ceramic magnet and for a very wide application target, from low frequency way to mid-bass applications.
The 10WRS300 is designed with a 2” copper coil and features an excellent balance among power handling, linear response and sensitivity, thanks to the optimized motor structure (FEA) design and the MMSS technology.
The speakers 12WRS400 and 15WRS400 have been designed with 3” copper coil and also feature an extended and linear response which allows a correct coupling with a midrange or a compression driver depending on the system architecture and needs in the application. The optimized design of motor structure through finite element analysis method and MMSS technology have been also applied to these two models and the result is an excellent efficiency and low distortion.
For the three new models, the result in low frequency is optimum in small and medium  sized vented cabinets, and the linear performance in a wide frequency range as well as its tonal accuracy in mid frequencies, thanks to the new weatherproof cones, allow these three speakers to be a perfect choice for a wide range of professional applications.
Great transducers with a superb Quality / price ratio
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