18 / Mar

At Beyma we are fully committed and aware of the evolution that the Covid-19 is taking.

We are aware that in few days the situation can change radically, therefore we cannot assure our way of proceeding in the short term, since we will strictly follow the instructions of the Ministry of Health, prioritizing the health of our workers, and trying at all times to provide service to our customers from all over the world.

Today our production continues to be 100% operational in order to serve all of our international markets, but always taking extreme precautions to minimize the number of possible infections following the advice of the WHO (World Health Organization) .

We have adopted the following temporary preventive measures:

– To cancel the movements of our commercial team.
– To inform all the staff about the hygiene protocols to follow, dispensing alcohol gels at some points in the company, providing all employees with a mask, establishing different break times to ensure the minimum distance between workers.
– To promote remote work in as many positions as possible
– Coordinating our supply with our main international distributors, which have plenty stock to be able to attend to any client who needs it.

In Beyma we hope that this situation will return to normal as soon as possible, now our top priority is continue helping you while keeping clients, suppliers and workers safe.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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