Enclosure catalogue

We present you our renewed enclosure design catalogue, different designs of enclosures developed with the latest models launched to the market by Beyma so you can assemble your own box.

You can find Full Range systems from 6 “to 15”, Subwoofer Enclosures from 15 “to 21”, and Guitar and Bass cabinets

Enjoy the experience!

Full Range 2 Way System with CMV2 Family

FR-10CM-Full Range 2 Way System 10" - 10CMV2, CD11Fe, TD194
FR-12CM-Full Range 2 Way System 12" - 12CMV2, CD11Fe, TD194
FR-15CM-Full Range 2 Way System 15" - 15CMV2, CD11Fe, TD194

Full Range 2 Way System with WR Family

FR-8WR-Full Range 2 Way System 8" - 8WR300, CD11Fe, TD8060
FR-10WR-Full Range 2 Way System 10" - 10WR300, CD11Fe, TD194
FR-12WR-Full Range 2 Way System 12" - 12WR400, CD14Fe, TD385
FR-15WR-Full Range 2 Way System 15" - 15WR400, CD14Fe, TD385

Subwoofer enclosures

S-15LEX1600 - Subwoofer Enclosure 15"- 15LEX1600Nd and 15LEX1600Fe
S-15LEX1000 – Subwoofer Enclosure 15"-15LEX1000Nd and 15LEX1000Fe
S-18LEX1600 -Subwoofer Enclosure 18"- 18LEX1600Nd and 18LEX1600Fe
S-18LEX1000 -Subwoofer Enclosure 18"-18LEX1000Nd and 18LEX1000Fe
S-18WRS-Subwoofer Enclosure 18"- 18WRS600
S-21LEX1600 -Subwoofer Enclosure 21"-21LEX1600Nd and 21QLEX1600Fe
S-215LEX1600 -Subwoofer Enclosure 2x15"- 15LEX1600Nd and 15LEX1600Fe
S-215LEX1000 – Subwoofer Enclosure 2x15"-15LEX1000Nd and 15LEX1000Fe
S-218LEX1600 -Subwoofer Enclosure 2x18"- 18LEX1600Nd and 18LEX1600Fe
S-218LEX1000 – Subwoofer Enclosure 2x18"-18LEX1000Nd and 18LEX1000Fe
S-218WRS-Subwoofer Enclosure 2x18"- 18WRS600

MI Series – Guitar and Bass Cabinets

Bass cabinet double 10” - 10WR300, CP09
Guitar cabinet 12” – 12GA50
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