When we decided to renew some of our portfolio’s driver families for low, mid-bass and mid applications for mid and big formats like 10″, 12″ and 15″, we have taken into account the  demands from the system manufacturers, which for some type of high quality sound reinforcement or installation systems are more demanding on total SPL, linearity and low distortion.

We finally worked in a new family specially targeted for high performance midbass applications, but allowing the new drivers the ability of performing very well as good woofers for low frequency applications as well as having high sensitivity and linearity for a certain type of midrange applications in a multiway concept, without changing the driver if there would be a benefit not doing it.

The new 10MCB700, 12MCB700 and 15MCB700 have more linear excursion when comparing to any of the previous drivers in our portfolio dedicated for similar applications, which is clearly noticed in the distortion, much lower and, therefore,  more sound quality will be obtained from the driver, even at higher power ratings.

The total SPL that can be obtained with these drivers has been significantly increased, because we worked in new suspension systems, able to increase the linear motion of the moving assembly; new membranes with special fiber loaded pulp cones, treated in both sides to resist humid weather conditions, and new motor structure designs with our exclusive Maltcross® cooling system and new voice coils which assure high power handling capacity from the drivers, which combined with the high sensitivity of every model, can result in probably  the most competitive high SPL 3″ coil woofers in the market at the moment, with first quality materials in every aspect and a careful design and manufacturing made in Spain.

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