07 / Jul

We have good news!

At Beyma we continue to grow and improve with new hires and internal promotions.

Here We go¡

Diego Ivars:

Our new addition to the Beyma family is Diego Ivars, who joins Acustica Beyma’s  R&D department as a Transducer Engineer.

Apart from his great character, Diego brings vast knowledge in transducer design and manufacturing after almost a decade of experience in Scandinavia.

We are very happy that he joins our project as he brings a lot of passion, knowledge and human quality.

Welcome Diego!

Nacho Botella:

After his two and a half years as Product Manager in our sales office in China and more than 5 years as Transducer Engineer in Beyma’s R&D department, Nacho has taken up this newly created position: Quality Engineering Manager.

His great knowledge of the market, products, the latest and most advanced measurement systems, together with his great personality make Nacho the ideal person to lead the team in charge of continuing to improve the consistency and quality of our products.

Alejandro Espi:

After his more than 10 years of experience in the R&D department of Acustica Beyma, where he has actively participated in the main technical developments and patents of the company; Alejandro has been promoted to the position of Supply Chain Manager.

He will lead the management and planning of manufacturing, supply and logistics, ensuring efficiency in processes and costs.

His extensive knowledge of the transducer coupled with impeccable management skills ensures Alejandro’s success in this new role.


With these three appointments, we continue to reinforce and improve our key areas with the firm and solid intention of remaining at the forefront of Professional Audio in the world.

Good luck and Thank you for being part of our Team!

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