11 / Jan

From Acustica Beyma we inform you that Jose Vicente Farinós, current General Manager of the company, has become the majority shareholder of the company, who together with Ana Masip form the total shareholders of Acustica Beyma.

The Masip family, majority owner of Acustica Beyma so far, has made this decision, formalizing the exit of Josep Masip and Lidia Masip from the Beyma shareholding.

Jose Vicente Farinós Mañés has a degree in Economics from the University of Valencia and Master in Finance by CEF Madrid.
He joined Acustica Beyma in 1995 as Financial Director; two years later he became a minority shareholder of the company, being promoted to General Manager in 2003. Since then he has led the company, combining this activity with professor of International Strategy at CEU Cardenal Herrera University.

This shareholding restructuring gives continuity to the trajectory and management carried out in recent years, consolidating the global strategies carried out by Beyma and reinforcing the structure of the company.

The entire Beyma team wants to give its most sincere thanks for the many years of dedication, collaboration and trust to Lidia and Josep Masip, after decades of work at Acustica Beyma

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