We could explain that we have created more than 20,000 prototypes and we could say that those prototypes are now millions of loudspeakers and that those loudspeakers are now sounding in the best cinemas, studios, malls, concert halls and auditoriums around the world; and it would be true.

We could explain that it was in 1974 when we first exhibited at PL & S Frankfurt … and since then we have been in all editions.

We could say that for many years we have shared our research and discoveries in AES Conventions in Munich, New York, San Francisco, Barcelona, ​​Berlin …. And it would also be true.

But what we really want to say you is that in our team there  are drummers, guitarists, singers, bass guitarists, cajon players, Djs and many other people who live passion for music with intensity; and this fact is what move us day by day.

We love what we do and do what we love

After 50 years, the journey continues
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