Research at the service of products

New trends, solutions and innovations.

Always in mind that R&D is a key part of the “puzzle”, and so, our constant works and studies on every aspect related to acoustical transducers, are conveniently applied to the final product in order to satisfy the latest -and even further- audio systems requirements.

The different components of a transducer require different approaches and technologies to obtain the best results in a final professional application.

As long as quality, tolerances and manufacturing process of the metal parts are standardized for several years in our magnet assemblies, the problem we faced with the subwoofers was to manage the heat dissipation. Several improvements have been done in the last years. The most relevant improvement was found in 2008, the HELICEX® Technology, which is patented and allows our loudspeakers to work in lower temperature rates. Other speakers without the patented system take profit from our knowledge in heat dissipation as well.

Professional devices force to use the ultimate and more advanced materials. When we are talking about soft parts, the non-linear behaviours, and asymmetries are critical factors that determine the sound quality and the distortion.

The study of the efforts in the critical zones of the cone and suspension, have resulted in our NCR membranes (Neck Coupling Reinforcement) and new spider materials and designs.

Our new PM4 diaphragm is a High Tech Polymer never used in the audio field before, and is the result of our research in new materials, done with the aim of providing our products properties for being beyond any available loudspeaker in the market, conferring superb sonic response with unparalleled natural sound as well as the strength, stability and resistance that is required in the professional applications.

The visible part of this knowledge is reflected in the papers, that Beyma has been demonstrating in the AES congresses since 2004.

The knowledge gives us a fast and technical approach to the challenges in our daily work in both, our internal and OEM projects.

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