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Professional high end drivers

Near and Mid Field applications tailored High End Transducers by BEYMA.

The most recent stage in Beyma’s pursuit of excellence has given birth to this new family of outstanding drivers. Our R&D department has used world class simulation aided tools and a rigorous material selection process to create this matchless set of electro-dynamic transducers.

This series benefits from extreme linearity and negligible distortion that excels in small and medium range listening distances where attention to detail is paramount. NMF defines a new grade of glassy, unspoiled sound in which the best part of contenders are left behind.

Some of the best engineers in our organization have been enthralled in a two-year quest using state of the art multi-physic simulation, leading prototyping techniques and unsurpassed measurement tools resulting in these precise devices working in flawless harmony. Years of experience and know-how together with cutting-edge technologies have resulted in a new generation of drivers created to perform in outstanding studio monitor and high-end loudspeaker enclosures.


Beyma 06NMF


Beyma 10NMF