Acustica Beyma declares that this product complies with the regulations of the European Union that apply to it at the time of its commercialization.

All Beyma products have passed the most exhaustive quality controls.

Terms of Warranty

Acustica Beyma, s.l. guarantees that this product is free of manufacturing or material defects for a period of 3 years from the date of the first purchase.

Whether you find any fault in the product please contact your Authorized Distributor for immediate action.

In addition to the rights of this declaration the purchaser may have other rights depending on the country of purchase.

Liability is limited to the repair, credit or replacement, at discretion of Authorized Distributor and/or Acustica Beyma, of any defective product and do not include any incidental or consequential damages or shipping charges incurred to repair the product.

For the warranty to be applicable, product must be sent with dated purchase invoice and original packaging.

The warranty will not take effect or cover the following:

– Product has been purchased and installed by unauthorized distributor

– Product manipulated by unauthorized Repairing Service or third parties,

– Damage suffered in transport or damage caused to third devices

– When the purchase documents or serial number of the product have been altered

– Damage caused by accidents that include, but are not limited to: intense exposure to water, fire and hitting

– Use out of specifications

In order to help customers to know which issues are usually covered by this warranty, please ,download bellow a list of usual problems indicating where the responsibility lies.

Download list of usual problems

OEM Products

This warranty does not cover products made by Acustica Beyma to OEM Manufacturers; if you need to acquire service parts or repair an OEM product please contact directly the OEM Manufacturer. Acustica Beyma cannot supply information of its components used in OEM manufacturers.


If you need help to find Technical Services or Authorized Distributors please visit the section Where to buy of our website or contact us at

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