Beyma introduces several new products this year, including a new high-performance subwoofers for the LEX series, a new generation line array waveguide and a high performance 8 inch coaxial transducer.

The new SG6 waveguide for line array represents a change in philosophy for the brand as far as linear sources are concerned. The latest technology in finite element software, multiphysics simulation and last generation 3D prototyping has been used, achieving a state-of-the-art device that equals if not exceeds the best available in the market.

This new linear source has a 6,3 inches height signature with a 1,4 inches throat diameter. It will be made of two pieces of heavy-duty reinforced polycarbonate including M6 holes to assemble the transducers and join the enclosure. Thanks to the analysis by F.E.M software the rectangular mouth can provide a homogeneous and isophasic SPL across its entire surface.

The directivity control is very precise for the entire passband. The coverture angles are 10° in the horizontal plane and 120° in the horizontal plane. It has a footprint of 160mm high and 200mm deep that allows it to be used in relatively compact enclosures.

With the 18LEX1200 at Beyma we have decided to add another sibling to the famous LEX family that includes all the features that made it famous and a power of 1200W AES. Sharing the same type of artistic frame inspired by Gaudi’s forms but this time with a standard 415 mm cutout that helps speaker builders work with T-nuts more easily, other features are also included such as long excursion capabilities, very high output and very low distortion. These also have been designed for performing better in vented cabinets and loaded horn designs.

This 18-inch subwoofer excels in performance to weight ratio thanks to an optimized motor structure an Beyma´s patented Maltcross® technology with 1200W AES and is available in both Ferrite (18LEX1200Fe) and Neodymium (18LEX1200Nd) magnet materials and with its Xmax of ± 11 mm is a hard contender for subwoofers where the amplification and electronics require medium top power capabilities.

Maltcross® technology minimizes the effect of power compression in the 4 inches (100mm) voice coil maintaining a lower temperature while producing ultra-low air flow noise. These transducers also include an aluminum ring that reduces the harmonic and intermodulation distortion.

Beyma will be also introducing the 8CFX260Nd a high performance 8 inch coaxial featuring a waterproof carbon fiber cone and 250/60W AES Power ratings in a 2,5”/3” design that is capable of delivering a surprisingly high 97/105 dB sensitivity. Intended for very compact high quality bass reflex point sources will stand out as an option for monitors, home theaters, immersive audio and any small PA system where high SPL is required.


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